Bankruptcy Debts That May Not Be Discharged

Are you hoping that bankruptcy will wipe away all of your past debts? That is not always the case. Here are some debts you could still be stuck with, even after a bankruptcy is finalized. Child Support Do you currently owe child support from a previous marriage? This debt won't just go away with a bankruptcy. In fact, this is a court-imposed financial responsibility, and you will still be obligated to pay all missed payments.

3 Ways Chapter 7 Offers Relief

When you have way too many bills and debts and not enough income, it typically does not take long to start falling behind on your payments. If you are in this position and have no money left after paying your bills, you could look into bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one option you have, and here are three ways it offers relief to people in your situation. It Erases Debts